Running under the Tuscan Sun

Whilst Tuscany is known as a destination for food and wine lovers and not  as an outdoor mecca, you can explore the rolling hills and vineyard whilst cycling or going on a morning jog. The Chianti region is known for windy hilly mountain trails perfect for those who want to explore the wine region on bikes!

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We stayed at Villa Fontelunga and Il Borgo at the beautiful Castello Banfi Vineyards, both a perfect base for exploring the historic towns around the region. We managed to drop by the historical towns of Siena, Montalcino and Cortona ( where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed!)

    Villa Fontelunga

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 Castello Banfi- Il Borgo

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Historic towns of Siena, Montalcino and CortonaTuscany_ 6P3A8114 Tuscany_ 6P3A8092 Tuscany_ 6P3A8376 Tuscany_ 6P3A8226_Siena 2Tuscany_ 6P3A8372_Montalcino

Need to Knows

Villa Fontelunga Boutique B&B with a beautiful panoramic view of the historic hilltop town of Cortona. Highly rated by Tripadvisor, Mr & Mrs Smith, Tablet and various review sites. Friendly service, and very comfortably chic. We managed to meet with other guests in the house at a dinner hosted by Paolo ( the owner). Highly recommend.

Castello Banfi – Il Borgo 5* Boutique hotel on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful Banfi vineyards. Impeccable 5* service with very well run restaurants and excellent wine.  Perfect treat for a young couple or honeymooners, especially if you love wine!

Discover Tuscany Independent resource for activities around Tuscany


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