Style Run #1- Seawheeze 2013, Vancouver

With the handful of races I’ve done previously, I’ve always wished I had a couple action shots that could bring back the moments when I was in the zone – feeling good and looking strong. This is why I will be starting a series of “Style Run” entries on this blog for races where my team and I will be capturing your action shots 🙂

For the first event in this series, we were fortunate enough to capture Seawheeze 2013, arguably the most chic and stylish half marathon race in Vancouver sponsored by the one and only Lululemon. Seawheeze is not only a race, but a weekend of events for runners, with stretching/yoga session before and after the race, post-race massages,a pop-up store at the convention center for an exclusive/limited edition line of Seawheeze clothing, an outdoor concert at Stanley Park, and much more.

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800 MORE  photos (around 4000 people) on my smugmug page. Give Stylerun a shout out above and we would love to give you the full size photos.

Doing something fun and want action shots? Let us know and we’ll be there 🙂

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Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3406Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3430Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3447Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3454 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3591 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3533 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3655 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9328 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3596 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3710 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3612 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9506 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3920 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9660 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9656 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9661 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9664 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9675 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9678 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9676Vancouver_Seawheeze_ 6P3A3923 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9682 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9683 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9684 Vancouver_Seawheeze_ IMG_9686

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