Online Shopping: Gear up before you take off!

For those who know me,  you’d know that I have too many clothes for my closet, too many shoes for the rack, which at times make me wonder how I actually acquired everything while cruising through mountains and paddling the seas.

While discussing with a friend the source of this problem …. or blessing really… it dawned on me that the source is my penchant for online shopping!!! So I thought to myself instead of sharing some of my favorite online shops with one friend, why not share them with the broader Stylerun community.

These are some of my go-to sites to help me gear up before my adventures:


There’s no denying  Lululemon offers the most stylish + comfy activewear in the world with its myraid of styles and colors all available on their online store. My wunderunders and speed shorts ( the pocket fits a hotel key perfectly) are now staple items in all my travels and you can see me in at least one lululemon piece in all my travel photos ; )  Plus,  they have the most “global” return policy. I once bought a pair of shorts in the wrong size in Vancouver and they allowed me to exchange it in Hong Kong. Their website states, “We know you love to travel, so cross-border goods can be exchanged for another item or the credit can be put onto a gift card”.  I was already a loyal customer before this but for my (ex)colleagues who presumed they would not exchange it in another city, they have now been converted and have since frequented the Lululemon store in Hong Kong.

Free shipping in the US, Canada and Hong Kong. They also ship to over 60 countries for a flat rate of US$30. More details here.

For inspiration from real people, check out  #thesweatlife gallery.



Friends of  Stylerun have been telling us to look into Sweaty Betty so  when we popped by London in May (blog post here), I checked it out and fell in love. They have a wide variety of specific sportswear line including tennis, swimwear and pilates. I’ve worn these pilates socks to reformer studios in Hong Kong and Vancouver and all my instructors have said they wished they could get their hands on them!

I also love their extensive sports bra collection. Perfect for trail running, the SB Ultra Run Bra is comfortable, provides great support, and has a clasp in the back so it’s easy to put on.  I found out soon after that one of my besties has been ordering their bras online to Hong Kong for the past two years , a validation that their products are so unique that they have loyal customers beyond their brick and morter stores in the UK.

Although they have only expanded their shops outside the UK in the US with their the NYC Soho store opening in a week, they offer international shipping for a flat rate of GBP12.



The North Face Women


Our house is full of North Face gear–  daypacks of different sizes and colors, fleeces, windbreakers and ski pants. What we cannot live without when we travel  is our North Face Rolling Thunder luggages which has replaced our traditional Samsonite luggage. We find them sturdy,  lightweight, well-balanced and easy to roll, and you can stuff 73 litres of goods in a duffle-sized bag.

I also love their convertible pants which gives you the flexibility when you are out for a long trek and temperatures vary throughout the day. It was perfect for our heli-hiking adventure that we went on a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, online shopping is not available in Hong Kong but there are a number of retail stores throughout the city. They do have a very comprehensive US and Canada store.

For those in Canada, there is a limited time offer for free shipping for purchases over CAD99!





When we’re off to destinations where there are wide ranges of temperature (like Peru or Lijiang), we always rely on our Patagonia gear.  When you want to pack light and yet flexible, I love how their logical numbering system can help me make decisions quickly For e.g. baselayers range from Capilene 1 to Capilene 4, with the former being the most lightweight and the latter providing the most warmth.

Their products will last a lifetime and will survive through any terrain. We were in Peru with a friend of ours who is in the garment industry and he with his wife were both geared out in Patagonia.Why?! He educated us on the complexity and machinery required to do their linings and double threading, and vouched that the garments were  ‘worth the price’!

Unfortunately online shopping is not available in Hong Kong but there are a number of retail stores throughout the city with very knowledgable staff. They do have a very comprehensive US and Canada online store. For those in Canada, they only charge a CAD15 flat rate for all online orders.


Happy Shopping! Share with stylerun some of your favourite online shops!


Feature photo source ( from left to right clockwise). Cozy up with a Lululemon Fluffin’ Awesome Vest, The North Face Venture Jacket,  Long sleeve run top  from Sweaty Betty,  Velocity Run Jacket from Sweaty Betty, Patagonia R3 Hoody. All currently available in their respective online shops.






  • August 28, 2013


    I love the Speed Shorts from Lulu! They’re so damn comfortable and I love the little pocket too 🙂

  • August 29, 2013


    I’m a BIG fan of Patagonia but I’ve found recently for outdoor / adventure wear, I am wearing more my Lululemon. While I may not be going to such rugged terrains testing the limits of the clothing, its durability, and its weatherproofing, I think the comfort and style give me that feel-good feeling just before I choose what to wear.