Stylerun x Sunshine Coast: Pointhouse at Sargeant Bay

We stayed at the spectacular Pointhouse estate on our first night on the Coast located a short 5 minutes from Sechelt. This newly built ocean-front estate located in Halfmoon Bay is the dream contemporary vacation home – floor to ceiling windows, large bedrooms, spa style bathrooms and most importantly, breathtaking views.

The epitome of a luxury, the main house is perched right on the bay with 3 en-suite bedrooms and a common area on the lower floor. The Guesthouse up on the hill has 1 en-suite bedroom, a living room and a kitchen – more private and can be rented on its own. For groups needing 4 beds, book out the entire property – it’s perfect for a family/friends getaway, an intimate wedding party or that chance to write the book you’ve always wanted.

What we loved:

–  Striking views and peaceful surroundings

–  No compromising! Every detail in the house is modern, state of the art and well thought out

– The privacy. You’ll hear birds singing, water splashing up on the rocks, trees rustling in the forest behind you. There’s cellular coverage and plenty of wifi but why would you want to be elsewhere when you’re in paradise

– If champagne is your daily drink, charter a seaplane and land right outside

Need to knows:

– I love the contemporary design of this unique B&B. It’s definitely more suited for an adult getaway, than a group of children

– That being said, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway or a venue for an intimate wedding

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