Stylerun x Sunshine Coast: Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina

On our 2nd and 3rd night, we stayed at the upscale, five-acre Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina featuring 31 spacious, 2-bedroom villas in the friendly town of Madiera Park within Pender Harbour. The villas were spacious and complete. They have everything you need for a short weekend or a longer retreat – every villa furnished with a large patio, a BBQ, two large bedrooms and a kitchen. Not only do they have an on-site spa with a full menu, there’s also a full fitness facility and infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Kayaks, paddleboards available onsite as are small boats you’ll want to book out to drive around the countless inlets.

Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 1s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 2s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 3s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 4s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 5s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 6s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 7s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 8s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 9s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 10s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 11s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 12s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 13s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 14s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 15s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 16s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 17s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 18s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 19s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 20s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 21s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 22s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 23s


After speaking to a few local B&B owners, I found out that the Painted Boat’s restaurant to be an institution and everyone’s favorite fine-dining restaurant, and I could understand why! Every dish was prepared with the utmost attention and the freshest ingredients. We loved every dish!


Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 25s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 26s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 27s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 28s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 29s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 30s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 31s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 32s Stylerun_SunshineCoast_PaintedBoat 33s

What we loved? Everything! Location, coziness, ocean-front views, the beautiful grounds and all the services and amenities available on-site. We loved it so much we’re planning a summer stay with our family from Hong Kong for 2015!

Need to knows

–       There is on-site moorage for those bringing their boat to the Painted Boat. It appears to be around 90km from Vancouver or 3-4 hrs depending on your boat.

–       Villas are also available for partial ownership for those looking for a home away from home

–       There are only 33 villas so make sure you book in advance especially for longer stays on the weekends. They host around 40 weddings in the summer and the villas get booked up quickly!


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