Ballet BC: World Premiere of UN/A

Movement is our language and through its innovation, we strive to move our art form forward.”  Emily Molnar, Artistic Director of Ballet BC

Today, we were treated to a sneak preview of Ballet BC’s upcoming performance, UN/A. Before showing us the previews, we were given a glimpse of the creative process. The audience was asked to give the dancers a few words and within seconds, the dancers translated the words “crane, leaf, spring, cheese, cherry blossom” into beautiful movements. I was inspired by their interpretation and the fluency for which they could quickly translate words into movement – I knew I was in front of a world-class troop.

The company (the largest dance company in Province) comprises of classically trained dancers who take the fundamentals of classical ballet, and extend the art form forward, remixing stories from a contemporary perspective. Every performance is an original piece.

It’s no wonder Ballet BC is now making great headway as one of the most innovative contemporary dance companies in the world under the direction of Artistic Director, Emily Molnar and Executive Director, Branislav Henselmann. Emily Molnar was recently named as the Globe’s Artists of the Year and Ballet BC was highlighted as the Top 10 Vancouver Art Movements in 2013.

Watch the video preview for a glimpse of UN/A. I’ve already got my tickets, will I see you there? 🙂

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Need to knows

UN/A is debuting their World Premier on April 24-26 at the Queen Elizabeth’s Theatre in Vancouver. Tickets start at $30 so hurry over and get your tickets!

Photo Credits: Artists of Ballet BC.

Photography (Top to Bottom ) Photo 1,2,4:  Michael Slobodian Photo 3: Eyoalha Baker


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