Sunset Stroll Along White Beach in Boracay

The Philippines is a country known for its warm, friendly culture and its beautiful islands. Last month, I was in Boracay to celebrate my brother Eric and now sister in law, Mel’s beautiful nupitals on this world-renowned beautiful island. Conde Nest has named Boracay  the “Best Beach of the World” a number of times and it didn’t disappoint. I was happy to be able to check off Boracay from my bucket list of places to go!

Amongst all the celebrations, we were able to spend some time soaking in the beautiful sunset along White beach – the 4 km stretch of beach lined with resorts, hotels , restaurants and spas in the center of the island. This island doesn’t fall short of activities and both locals and tourist alike took advantage of the myriad of activities this island has to offer. Amongst divers and scuba divers, there were also paddle boarders, sailors, kayakers, parasailers, wakeboarders and skid boarders… and onshore, runners, martial artists, volleyballers, footballers and many more taking short gentle strolls just admiring the beautiful scenery, especially the breathtaking sunsets!


Need to knows

How to get to Boracay?
For international travelers, you must transit in Manila International Airport for a domestic flight ( via Cebu Pacific Airlines or Philippines airlines) to Caticlan that takes approximately an hour.

Where to stay?
The only 4-5* resort on White Beach situated in Station 2 is the Discovery Shores Hotel. For a quieter, more private resort with international 5* level of hospitality, check out Shangri-la Resort Boracay. It has a myriad of activities on-site (spas, water sport, private beach) and it’s only a quick 10 min shuttle to the main beach area.

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