Stylerun x Warwick New York Hotel

New York in January can be a soooooo cold– not at the iconic Warwick New York Hotel though. It has a rich history having been built by the notable media tycoon William Randolph Hearst in 1926 for his beloved Marion Davies. It played host to legendary celebrities including The Beatles, Elvis, Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, Liz Taylor and is the tower from which the quintessential New York photo titled Lunch Atop A Skyscraper was taken.

Staying at the Warwick New York is perfect for those looking for a place that carries the charm of classic New York glam!

What we loved:

–       Location, location, location. It’s a right across the MOMA and within four blocks from Broadway, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Fifth Avenue and the Rockefeller Center.

–       Spacious rooms and large closets (for those with a penchant for shopping). New York hotels are known for ‘city’-sized rooms and the Warwick New York Hotel boast one of the largest rooms in the city

–       The unique and beautiful Suites. Each and everyone of their suites has a distinctive style and story. Our personal favorite is the Modern Art Suite which draws inspiration from the MOMA next door.

–       A Bustling Bar. If you’re lucky, you maybe able to spot a NY celeb getting his martini fix at Randolph’s

–       The unique story and character of the hotel. Live life like a rockstar – I mean, Elvis and The Beatles were regular guests at the Warwick. Need I say more!?20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 2 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 3 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 4 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 5 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 6 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 7 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 8 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 9 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 10 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 11 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 12 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 14 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 15 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 16 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 17 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 18 20140427_Stylerun_Vancouver_Sun_Run 19


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