Hong Kong’s Getting Bikini Fit

I was away from Hong Kong for 6 months and I hear women are getting fit in a completely different way. Is it fiction? Is it a fad? I checked out ‘Bikini Fit’ this morning and it’s FANTASTIC! So – what is it?

A female-only outdoor gym, top quality trainers, a unique and well rounded programme with the focus on YOU. This goes way beyond just ‘training’.

Programmes range from 4-10 weeks with each 45 min session offered 6 times/week in Hong Kong Park. Each session is different with 1 yoga + boxing class per week , and other circuit training classes sprinkled in between.  The personal attention is what stands out vs. other group classes I’ve attended. In today’s session, each circuit station had 1 dedicated trainer so each person had adequate attention from a fitness professional at all times.

The uniqueness of this ‘lifestyle programme’ is that it goes beyond just the physical training. It’s all about being fit inside and out. Each programme also includes weekly workshops covering a range of topics including nutrition, performance, injury management, environmental concerns, supplementation, goal setting and motivation. They also run a members only support group on Facebook to keep member’s engaged and in check.

I had a great time this morning on a beautiful chilly December day witnessing a session of Bikini Fit. From what I see, while Bikini fit forces you to learn about yourself, push your limits, and at times cry tears of pain, these beautiful women walk out of the morning sessions with sweat, smiles, and a new set of friends each day.

Check out some pics from today’s session below (more pics on Stylerun’s Facebook page to follow. Don’t forget to like our page too!).

Need to knows

10 weeks programme with sessions 6x’s per week starting January 13. Cost: HK$695/week. Hong Kong’s winters bring the best weather for outdoor sports so hurry and sign up for the January sessions soon! I hear they’re filling up fast!

More information on The Official Bikini Fit webpage or their Facebook page

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