Heli-Hiking Part 2: Variations on a Theme

Today, after a much needed stretching session and a hearty breakfast, we headed out to our next excursion in the mountains. Starting at the headwaters of Francis Creek, we then ascended  towards the beautiful lakes above.

Growing up in a city, I can see why some may think every mountain is the same and hiking is rather monotonous. This isn’t true.  What would normally be a 3-4 day wilderness adventure carrying heavy backpacks, eating trail mix and dehydrated food is no longer a 3-4 day wilderness adventure.  We saw the absolutely truly amazing countless times today in 6 hours.

We started at the headwaters of a creek where the ground was covered in skittles-like flowers and tiny streams easily passable. As we ascended higher, we traversed across banks of snow to the ridges above where we were rewarded with a beautiful view back over the valley. After sitting down for lunch, we thought, ” Hmmm.. lets check out the next mountain range!” We gave Jens a buzz, a few minutes later, he came by with “the machine” (I call it a helicopter), picked us up and dropped us in the next valley a good day’s hike away but for us ‘in the machine’, a 2-3 minutes teleportation. We landed at Thunderwater Lake where the valley was a fair bit higher with fields of flowers growing alongside streams of glacial runoff. We finished the day at Forester Lake, with time to soak in the contrasting vistas in every direction or admire the handful of icebergs floating in the teal lake directly ahead.

While CMH caters adventures to their guests be them young or old, fit or ‘aspiring’, adventure takes on a new definition and is not only for the extreme. I call this ‘accessible adventure’. I love it and you should be here.

CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 001 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 002 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 003 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 004 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 005 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 006 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 007 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 008 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 009 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 010 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 012 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 013 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 015 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 016 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 017 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 018 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 019 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 020 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 021 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 022 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 026CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 024 CMH_2_Heli_Hiking 027


  • August 20, 2013

    Robin Hwang

    Truly stunning! Wish I were there too! Haha. Well done you.

    • August 20, 2013


      Rob- wanna join me for a trip next summer ; )

  • September 17, 2013


    Superb! Generally We never study whole content articles but how you wrote these details is merely amazing which kept my curiosity about reading as well as I loved it.